Free reakrake and Alignment Check

The alignment of your vehicle is the placement of the wheels in correlation to the body and axles of your vehicle. Sometimes, the placement can be misaligned by simply hitting a pothole, bumping a curb or even simply going over speed bumps on a daily basis.

Most people don’t think about their alignment until they feel their car pull to one side, but just because you’re car isn’t pulling doesn’t mean your car is not out of alignment.

Neglecting the alignment of your vehicle can cause you problems in the long run, your tyres will wear quicker, your vehicle will handle unsafely, and also cause your car to run uneconomically meaning you put more fuel in regularly.. (now no-one wants that)! For a safer driving environment  you should maintain regularly your vehicle’s alignment.

We offer a FREE vehicle brake and alignment check (we may as well check the brakes while we are down there…). Why not call us now on 01925 445 636 to book in for your FREE no obligation alignment and check.