Suspension Repair Warrington

At Budjet Warrington we have the experience on-site to diagnose steering and suspension related problems for your car or van.

If you have noticed uneven tyre wear, off centre steering wheel, swaying or drifting when steering your vehicle, it may be that there is a problem with the steering and suspension system. At Budjet, we have certified technicians who will perform a professional inspection of the system, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and repair cost estimate.

Whether it’s worn steering, suspension or driveline components, we perform a complete steering and suspension inspection with every alignment check.

Key parts we repair or replace may include; Wish Bones, stabilising arms, tie rod ends, CV joints / boots, shock absorbers, struts and coil springs and more.

We offer a guaranteed wheel alignment service which runs for 12 months and includes quarterly checks and adjustments over the 12 month period. Your wheel alignment can easily be knocked out of alignment due to pot holes, curbs and speed bumps leading to uneven tyre wear, the benefits of taking out this service can prolong the life of your tyres substantially.

Just as engine oil on vehicles requires replacement, so does your power steering fluid. As with any oil, it breaks down over time and use. Power steering fluid is not subjected to the same heat that engine oil is and therefore does not require replacement as often. However, this fluid does still break down and requires replacement. Budjet suggest that you change your power steering fluid to avoid undue wear or breakdown in the system. Allow us to use our high performance power steering flush kit, which includes a cleaner, all the fluid to flush and replace the old, and an additive to dramatically reduce component wear.